Customer Loyalty Program

Congratulations.  You’re proud of your business and want everyone else to know about it.  You’ve carefully set the scene so the business looks its absolute best, then created a beautiful 360° virtual tour to welcome people online, to virtually step inside, walk around and get a feeling of what an actual visit will be like. They can see how great your business is and now they’re ready to visit you in-person.

Your next step is to start building a lasting relationship with them.  The easiest, fastest, and least intrusive way to do that is an electronic loyalty/rewards program.  Imagine this, they come in to shop or be entertained.  At the counter is an elegant iPad Kiosk with a professionally designed and individually branded welcome screen.  It tells them that when they enter their mobile number or email they’re only X number of visits away from ( a free latte, a % off on their favorite wine, product, or whatever you choose)

Here are some of the great benefits of this system to you:

  1. Rewards customers for their loyalty by incentivizing them to shop with you.
  2. SMS text messages are sent directly to their smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  3. Easily send out reminders, event specials, or special promotions.
  4. Your database is totally private and proprietary.
  5. No annual contract, everything is month-to-month.  All we ask is that you give the system a reasonable amount of time to prove its value to you.
  6. Low start-up with reasonable monthly fee
  7. Many businesses in the program are receiving an extra $4000 a month to $2000 for every single promotion!


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