What to Expect & Terms

The day of the photo shoot we’ll meet with a representative of your business and confirm the areas we will be shooting. Please let us know if you have certain photos or areas that you would like us to take and those to avoid or any other special requests.

The camera will capture a 360° floor to ceiling view.  Make sure that it is clean and tidy, and how you want your customers to see it for the first time. Our preference depending on orientation to the sun is to either shoot in the very early morning or late afternoon hours when there are few or no customers, limited traffic and we have optimum lighting conditions.  In such cases, we ask that you have all interior and exterior accent lighting on.  If possible cover any photocells that regulate outside lighting.

We approach each shoot with an eye for showcasing your business in the most stunning way possible, as though you’re being featured in a leading architectural magazine.  We carefully consider all the details.  Remember, your tour is open to the world.  My creative and personal goal is to give each client more than expected and make them look amazing online.

Check your signage, remove any seasonal marketing or time-sensitive material and notify the staff when the tour will be scheduled, their cooperation during the photo shoot is greatly appreciated.  There’s a mathematical component to the shoot that demands the photographer’s attention.  Please give him the uninterrupted space he needs to focus on your business.

You have the option of placing items such as coupons and advertisements discreetly in the tour.

Most businesses prefer not to have any people in the tour.  If you would like people in the photos it’s usually best if they are staged employees; regardless, we’ll blur all faces.

We require the balance to be paid the day of the photo-shoot.

The tour takes a minimum of 2 hours and will be live on Google within 2 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to increased scheduling, production, and travel demand, effective July 1, 2016, our cancellation policy states:

  • All Google shoots require a 30% deposit at the time of scheduling  
  • Cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance to avoid a 20% rescheduling fee
  • In such cases your deposit is non-refundable 
  • A 5% multiple location discount is available when each is booked and a deposit received at the same.

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